Seldom Seen/ SLDMSN004/ Robert Heel- In Between

“In Between” features two tracks: a poetic ambient drone/ soundscape piece and a glitched out minimalist track.

Both compositions played at once however form a third "hidden" track.

The two tracks are meant to be listened to on their own, but it is also intented to mix the two sides, to unlock a third hidden piece. The A side heavily uses analog warm media while the B side utilizes harsh digital artifacts. As with so many things the right mix might just do the trick.

Main challenge was to produce two tracks that are exciting on their own, but become particularly interesting with shiftings and offset when played at the same time. While the glitched out rhythm track is accurately produced in a constant timing, the drone track has „swing“ to it, so it in itself slightly shifts around an accurate measure. The heavy (mis)use of virtual tape decks, especially massive wow and flutter played an important role in creation of the drone side.

It is the space „In Between“ that makes this record unique and surprising.

The two sided vinyl comes in a distinguished screen printed recycling cardboard sleeve. There will also be a small (bandcamp exclusive) edition with two vinyls and an aditional screen print. Edition of 100.

Rob, Berlin 2019